Blackwater Adventure Co.

Welcome to Havenkeep

The Blackwater Adventure Company seeks to expand its horizons!

And you are among those chosen to relocate! Please have your things, and be at our offices forthwith. A caravan will be waiting to take you to the bustling city of Havenkeep, where we will be entrusting you to establish a chapter of Blackwater.

  • Benefits: Great pay
  • Adventure
  • Food and lodging
  • Active night life
  • A chance to expand your personal horizons as well as those of the greatest adventuring company in the world.
  • minimum supervision (Do the job the way you think it should be done!) paid vacation
  • opportunities for promotion and a chance to be a founder of the Havenkeep branch of Blackwater

We look forward to what the future holds! We are certain, with you, it will be great!


Darric Blackwater

Goblins Die, Barbarian falls


Your report has finally reached my desk. Overall, I must say that I am pleased. The accommodations I have arranged are suitable, I’m sure.

Your report arrived with a letter of satisfaction from your first client Calvin Appleby. Between his version of events, and what was detailed in your report, I am able to piece together what actually took place.

Appleby hired you to retrieve a few family heirlooms, check for the missing errand boys he had sent before you, and kill all Goblins. Appleby was absolutely rabid about your success in retrieving the trinkets. I’m unable to verify the status of the crypt, but I assume it is largely Goblin free. Except, perhaps, this Gruu (?) character you detailed in your report. I find it strange that he would disappear at the first opportune moment, only to charge in throwing spears when you need him most.

I am also more than confused as to why no one thought to question him on this! Please be more thorough next time! And Ashkor! You you were hired for your brawn! Please do some additional strength training in your spare time. We do not need another “pit incident”. I will leave it at that.

I understand Appleby has requested further work from you. This is very good! Appleby is a wealthy and powerful man. Winning his favor will surely turn some heads! Keep up the good work!


Darric Blackwater

After the Blackwater co. landed in Havenkeep, we were hired by a crazed Appleby to find some relics of his. The group dispatched a group of would be bandits on their way to the family crypt/goblin home. We had to go back three different times to finish the task, because of injuries. We also had to hire another adventurer, bringing the company total up to six. After that our dwarf-raised Dragonborn… seemed to like the pit a lot, since he wouldnt stay out of it. We finished the crazed Appleby’s task. Thus begins our travels in Havenkeep.

—excerpt from the journal of Kriv Obslain

I was surprised to receive a summons from the Blackwater Co. after the incident
with the gnomes and the bear, but I was happy to oblige once I was offered a
leadership position within this new cell.  I had never been to Havenkeep, but it
seemed a nice enough place.  One thing is for certain, our most recent employer
is keeping secrets from us.

-excerpt from the journal of Azreil Sered

It has been almost two months since I left the safety of the mountains. Everything was different there. The air was sweeter, the sun brighter, and things just felt better. Here… the low lands…..things are much different. And not for the better. This better air is closer to the ground, and makes everything wrong. I cant think, I cant see, and I cant fight, well I cant fight as well as I would at the top of the world.

I joined an adventure group yesterday. They seem like decent people, although they do seem to follow other gods besides Moradin. Crazy men. There is only one god, and he is Moradin. And now it seems we are on the trails of yet another named god. This “Vecna” has quite a following. Seems almost silly. How can people be so blind, so stupid as to not realize there is only one god and he is Moradin.

Must be this low-land air.

from the journal of Ashkor the Ash-Bringer

Changes in HavenKeep

The potion shop “Mix it up!” has closed due to lack of business.

The pub “The Broken Dish” has been burned to the ground.

No new businesses have been established.

The Fire Incident

Greetings Havenkeep Branch,

Kriv, thank you for filing a report so quickly. Normally, this would be Alendro’s job, but in his absence you have done the right thing. I could tell you were quite shaken up over the incident, and I want you to know that you have the full support of Blackwater Co. in this matter. We will not be aiding any authorities in regard to the fire incident, and should it be traced back to you, our attorneys will be on your side.

I will not comment further on the other events until I have received the “official” report, and am able to look at the situation from all perspectives. I assure you, the Paladin we hired is fully capable. Please remember that he was not hired to heal.


Darric Blackwater

P.S. Remember, official reports must be an unbiased relation of exact facts. They must also be in common and with correct grammar and diction to the best of your abilities.

Mr. Blackwater

Tonight, our venture grew grave and now we have to make a choice…For now the night is gone and the wee hours of morning are draining on our group of four. Here I will try to recount the events as far and best as I can.

The day after our incounter with the crypt of goblins, I saw that we had grown in size of comrades, but only the shifty invoker and I were the only ones left ready to go this gloomy morning. Comrades were in their rooms nursing hangovers, eyes, or whatever other excuse they seem to come up with. Some I understood were hurt more than they wanted to admit, so we let it go at that. Pride of Men.

That morning the invoker and I were sitting at the bar of the Green Fairy eating the special of the morning and discussing what to do next. Applebe had another errand for us to do. While this was going, a shadow hovered over me. I ready my hand closer to my blade, but did not let the fool know that I knew he was there. The fool finally got smart and spoke. Stupid people seem to be everywhere these days. Come to find out this fool was a human paladin, named Rothick. He stated that he just arrived in Havenkeeps this morning, and man was this person soaked from the rain. He was sent by Blackwater co. to be a new comrade for the group. At this I rolled my eyes and thought great more lamb to the slaughter. The invoker and I feel this pally in on what been going so far in the city and what we done.

For the next two hours we spread out among the city’s patrons inquiring on the happenings of the town. We all came to find out that a low down dishonest adventuring group known as the Ravnwing adventuring Co. was expected in town in the next few weeks. This group may not be bad, but in our experiences they have taken contracts of ours, stole our credit to jobs we done, and just stealing our work. So to us this was not a good omen. We found out the Ravenwing have bought the closed shop of Mixed Potions and that was going to be converted to their HQ in Havenkeeps. To me this was not good. We have been here a week or so and have not have had any luck in setting up a HQ. Now a shady group was moving in. Time seem to be against us, as did this rain, which have not let up since we arrived. After more asking around about the shop we found out it was owned by the wealthy Digsbe family. We figured we would try and take the HQ from the Ravenwing Co. and get back at them. We were granted entrance and spoke with Digsbe, which that didn’t turn out well. We ended up being man handle out to Waterworks road, or thrown from his home. Our pally friend needs to learn to rein in his tongue. So we decided to go see Applebe since we were close by.

The three of us decided to go see our employer, to see what he wanted done this time. Applebe told us he wanted us to follow this Jefferson Flight, who he suspected was working on turning himself into a lich. He wanted information to confirm his thoughts on this person. After he told us where he could be found, no surprising he said the local brothel. I still had my doubts about our employer, but he was paying decent, so really I couldn’t complain.

After exiting Applebe’s home, we were approached by a fellow in a crimson cloak. He began to spouting that Applebe was using us, so he could destroy this Havenskeep. We followed this fellow to a more run down traven. He told us his man was Sam. We later found out it was Sam Nightweed. He offered us a job, which we sadly agreed to do. We had a deadline of completing this task by midnight. We asked our teifling server friend to gather information for us, while we took care of other business. I gave him 150 gold, which was more than fair in my eye.

We continued onward to the brothel, which sadly I don’t remember the name, I stood outside as my two comrades went in to ask around or find this Jefferson Flight. After which seemed to be 20 to 25 minutes of watching the area around the building, things got interesting. I heard the sound of wood breaking apart on the 2nd floor of the brothel and saw this crimson cloak fellow climbing down the lattice. I was thinking to myself what the hell is going on now. Then the two noisy fools that went in were out on the lattice as well. I asked what is going on with a body language, and was told to follow chase after this cloaked figure. The chase was on. I chased him for 20 minutes through town and finally stopped at a cave in the northeast gate wall. He went in, I ran back and gathered the other to and we made our way to the cave where I saw him enter. I don’t know what happened inside the brothel, it had slipped my mind to ask as I write this report.

Standing at the opening of the cave, we were wondering what to do from here. At the moment a shifter lady came falling out of the cave. She seems to have lost her memory, since she couldn’t tell us anything. We asked her if she wanted to go back in the cave and help us get a person we were after. She agreed. This is where this begins to go from bad to worst. Upon first entering, we found out this is out going be easy. There before us were eleven undead corpses moving around. So we engaged. Right away, things seem to go in our favor since we dropped 6 with our first assault. I was feeling good, thinking this isn’t so bad after all. Then things fell apart. Our invoker friend was hit hard, more zombies were coming the cliff of the pit, and the one you recruited for us was not healing. The surprise was up and our first assault was past us. The battle that resumed was crazy, everyone at this point was relaying on their experience and luck of not getting hit by this rotting corpses. Our shifter was a ranger, she was doing well till a new foe appeared a crossed the ravine and started throwing goo from its body, she was hurt badly then. I tried to charge across and get my blade and shield in its face to draw off its attack on our new ally, but as soon as I put my full weight on the bridge it collapsed under my weight. I ended up getting pulled back up by her. At this point surveying the battlefield. The invoker was barely standing, shifter was not doing good ether, and the pally was still fighting and not healing. I stepped in the way of the zombie fighting the invoker and traded blows, but before that I handed off one of my healing potions to the invoker so he could heal some. We got rid of the few zombies quickly after that. Then the focus of the goo throwing one drew our attendition. I worked my way down the cliff to begin my hike to the other side to try and get in combat. Arrows and magic was being fired as I worked my way over. I heard a loud crash to the side of me and when I looked there was the pally on his back. I just shook my head. We finally got the zombie dropped. We rested to get our selves pulled back together before we moved on. The last chamber was the worst fight to date. Before us stood a Death Lock, Hulking zombies, zombies. Before we could make a plan. Off went a arrow and the fight was on. Our paladin and ranger were thrown to the second floor of the chamber. I tried to drop the lock, but I was also thrown to the second floor where I found our ranger friend crumpled in a heap and Rothick defending off two zombies, which were beating him up pretty badly. I rushed over to help Rothick out and dropped one of the bloody things. The zombie hulk proved more of headache than the lock did sadly. After all was said and done, we climbed back up to the first floor and found this Jefferson Flight, which he with sudden movement cut off his own head and started to laugh. That was just freaky. We took the head back to the Applebe’s manor. We gave our report to him and took our pay and retired back to the Green Fairy for a rest.

We never did do the job that Sam Nightweed wanted. So that meeting was going to be something. The meeting with the Sam turned bad, I went out the back door and made my way back to Applebe’s manor to retrieve our head. I went and dug through his trash and found it. I had to hurry. I ran behind the inn and set the head of fire and let it burn to a crisp. Things were getting tense when I arrived back at the run down tavern. The invoker was on the floor wrapped in curtain and Rothick was wagging his tongue. I dropped the head on the table and backed away. Sam Nightweed partner began to peel away the skin. At this point something was wrong I sensed. The guy stated that this was not him. Then all hell broke loose. The invoker jumped up and tackled the barkeep. Sam and his partner drew their rods and Rothick went and tackled the barkeep too. Magic began to fly from Sam and his partner. I dashed to the back room to get the sleeping bystanders out of here since I new this was going to end badly if they stayed here. Rushing back to the wall next to the curtain I tried to talk to them, but they were hearing none of what I had to say. They were set on killing us. Rothick and the invoker rushed pass me and the barkeep followed after. I hurriedly glanced around the room and saw a door to the far right. I made a dash for it hoping it would lead me around back to the bar. I was making a plan up on the run. As I ran through the door I heard a scream from someone I didn’t know. As I came running through the curtain by the bar I dived behind it, so that I would be covered. That is where I found barrels of ale. At that point I made a gamble. I jumped up from behind the bar, grabbed the barrel of ale, and let it fly. It crashed went everywhere on the two attackers. I released my breath and ended the fight. There were to deaths in the tavern fire that night.

Blackwater Adventuring Co. Kriv Obslain

Raven Wing Adventure Group

To the Havenkeep branch of Blackwater Co:

I have learned that Raven Wing has secured a location within the city walls of Havenkeep, and that they are arriving sooner than we first expected. This is fair warning. They are ruthless business men, but I believe we are made of finer stuff! Good luck!

Best Regards,

Darric Blackwater

Verbal Warning

Greetings Havenkeep Branch,

I will get right to it.

I have been going over the report for the past few weeks, and there are a few things I want to address. Namely, the Sam Nightweed incident. Do not, under any circumstances, take a contract you do not plan to complete. This is company policy, and this is your verbal warning. I have been in the adventuring business for a long time, and our word IS our job. Not to mention, Sam is the son of the ward—making him effectively the second most powerful man in town. His positive recommendation would have been a boon to our business, especially in these trying times. Raven Wing Adventure Group is already operating out of a brick and mortar, stand alone building. Where are we? The upper room of an inn!

I must admit, your plan was clever, but you must assume that if someone is willing to hire you to complete a job, they have the means to make sure the job is done before they pay you. This is in page 34 of your training manual.

I did receive another emphatic letter from Mr. Calvin Appleby, though. He seems to have not caught wind of the plot against his life, and that you had a part to play in it. This is good for us. I do not mind if you betray Appleby for another contract. Money is money, after all. What I mind is the thin line you chose to walk in which we risked losing both clients.

Please, make better decisions from here on out. Remember that you are under my employ, and it is my face and name you are selling. I will not allow it to be tarnished.

That said, I will move on to new business. Keep an eye on The Raven Wing Adventure Group HQ and report all progress back to me. I understand they have not officially moved in yet, but I want to know the moment that they do.

Please continue to search for contacts and clients. Negotiate better deals with the ones that you have. You might consider talking to Michael Stewart. He is the captain of the local military. The word is that he has had his hands full with new recruits and is paying handsomely for aid in their training. This would be a great opportunity for us.

That is all, Havenkeep! Good luck this week! I look forward to hearing from you. I will be away from my office for the next few weeks. Did you hear about the strange device invented in Ashbury? They say Fiz Quickwhistle has successfully sent a transmission across The White Sea without the use of magic! This is absurd, I’m sure…but my curiosity has gotten the better of me once again. I am going to go see it! I will leave a forwarding address for you as soon as possible. I may even stop by Havenkeep en route.


Darric Blackwater

Great, here we go again

Well the report I have sent to our boss has been received. His response was one I was expecting somewhat. GO figure. Paladians can do more than just heal. That is what I get for being told my life growing up that paladins, clerics, and some bards where just healers. That was my lession for the day I would say. Now I will have to go tell this fellow sorry I guess. If I really want. I may just keep it to my self and not mention it again.

Well another letter have come to us today from our boss. Stating our first verbal warning. We will have to start thinking better and straight if we plan on keeping with this company. I have not done well with the distruction of a tavern and the slaying of a human. For which I am ashamed, but I did it as a last stand to save our comrades even if they think I was just running away as a coward they figure I to be. IN my eye running away sometimes works best. I don’t even bother argueing with those two on my actions since I know I did the right thing. Hell they are still here. We just need to learn to work and read each other more clearly. That I figure will come in time as we work together as a unit. Shoveling shit in the stables reminds of back home and how much I didnt miss it. I am learning new things in the process to though, which I am sure will come in handy in the future.

—from the journal of Kriv Obslain

A lament for Tom
Fellow commarade fell in Glorious Battle

This is a traditional lament for a fallen friend who died in battle written in the style of the epic poems used to celebrate the death of the dwarfs who died in Snow Point, home of the clan of Irongaurd, keepers of the gateway to the Jagged Pass, home of the Dwarf Throng.

Oh Tommy Tom… Who were just a Hafling.

Though you stand, twice as tall to me.

Your head was ripped, from your body, And you died, in Battle….Gloriously

Oh My Dear Tom! You will never be forgotten! For you have been, an inspiration to me.

Though you lost your head, fighting undead minions…. You shall stand, twice as tall to me.

And so I stand, I swear an oath that your death shall not be unpunished. I swear, before all, that just as my dear friend Tom fell, so too will two more undead minions will die.

For just as Tom stood twice as tall to me, so too must two undead face their demise at end of my Rubymace. You shall never be forgotten Tom, as one day the Bards will sing tales of my Glorious Battles, so too will I sing of yours. Forever and a day.

Again I swear as an oath! Two must fall to take the place of the twice sized Halfing. And in their death….Tom will be whole again.

Ashkor the Ash-Bringer

The innerworkings of the comlex mind of Ashkor
I wonder what the inn is serving for dinner

When I first came to Havenkeep, I knew not what to think. And now, everything has changed. I met a man, a Holy man. I use the term loosely. Rallick has said a lot of things that have really gotten me thinking. More than that, I am rather confused. He is a follower of Kord, a god that I must say really speaks to me. It seems that Kord loves Glorious Battle….as do I. And now, after years of not knowing what seems to be the truth, it feels as if a new realm of possibilities is open up to me. And yet, I feel still connected to Moradin. But why should I? Am I a dwarf. No. But yet, I was raised and nurtured by them. And they made me into what I am.

But is that a good thing. I can kill. I can destroy. And yet, this are things that Moradin does not stand for. Mordin wants me to love my clan. But the clan I feel closest too now are these people I have entered into many Glorious Battles with. The only battles….and my, how unglorious they were….were the purge mission of Snow Point to cleanse the Jagged Pass of goblins. Goblins are no challenge, they are not honorable to kill.

Vampires and the undead however.

Also, they more and more time I spend away from Snow Point, the more and more I feel disconnected to the clan. The rage builds inside me. I remember my oath, to Die in Glorious Battle, but if I were to have stayed there in Snow Point, Glorious Battle would never be found. And now as I see and find Glorious Battle…I feel changed as well. I do things in the heat of battle that I normally would not. A good dwarf would never crush the head and laugh of a fallen enemy.

But a Dragonborn….

I love High Chief for raising me. And I respect him for balancing my teaching in both Dwarfish and Dragonborn education. But now I fear that his teaching are leading me away from the way of the Dwarf Throng. Is that a bad thing? I mean…I am saving the lives of young women forced into prostitution. I am stopping illegal activities in Havenkeep. I am eradicating the forces of Evil. Does it matter that I may not be honoring my clan. Is my oath more important than my family.

I feel a large need to destroy those I deem as evil. Be it pimps or undead, goblins or street thugs…evil must be destroyed. And my hammer loves to destroy.

—from the journal of Ashkor the Ash-Bringer

Letter home

Dear Mother and Father,

I have finally found my place in this world of now. I am working for a group tha is well known. Not our group, but the company is. We have been recruited to open a new branch in Havenskeep. It has taken awhile for our group to work out our problems as a team, but we are beginning to get there. We are becoming more experince to. Even though we have not really travelled far beyond the walls of this city. It seems to never stop raining here. That is what I miss about home. There was nice days without this gloomy weather.

Alendro, Ashkor, Athans Defiance,Azreil Sered, Rallick and River have all followed the promises of what this company has to offer us. I am learning more about myself and the meaning to follow our great god Kord. He has not failed me yet, but I thought the life of another Kord follower was done. Come to find out Kord has more for this person I have come to call comrade to do. For Kord brought him back to the realm of the living instead of having him joining him.

I have not have had in luck in finding my sister that I have set out to find, since you have told me about her. I will keep looking as I have time. Things have been busy with trying to gain a foot in this crowded city.

For now that is all I can say. The night is beginning to fade and I need to get so sleep before we battle again.

Your son,

Kriv the exiled Obslain


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