Blackwater Adventure Co.

A letter to Kriv

Kriv Obslain,

Thank you for your letter. If I am understanding you correctly, the majority of your letter is about a task you took on without a contract. Pro bono, as they say. Considering the task was to save the very city I sent you to establish our company in, I cannot object. You saved the city! Make sure the bard spreads songs and stories about your heroic exploits—expanding on the good parts (and leaving out the bad)!

You mentioned a drow showing up at Appleby’s manor? Do you recall his name? I did not send a drow to aid you. This is troublesome. Alls well that ends well, I suppose.

I am particularly pleased that Ashkor was able to save the infant from becoming a sacrifice! I’m sure a few bumps and bruises from hitting the floor is far better than being run through with a ritual dagger! Ah, tell Alendro to make mention of this in his song.


I don’t know. I’m no poet. Thanks again for the letter.


Darric Blackwater

Information for Mr. Blackwater

Mr. Blackwater,

We have lost Ashkor and the invoker, but they were albe to be revived by our party money we been building up.

Now for the details. During the night while the group slept, we were all awaken to the scream of the owner of the Green Fairy. By the time we got to her room she was slain by the coven of the vampire lord we killed eariler that same day. A new lord took the old ones place faster than was expected. They didnt wait for us, they came and attacked us at the Green Fairy right away. We disposed of the 5 within a few minutes and we went back to bed.

In the after noon we reported to Mr. Appleby and told him the coven have been put down. He was greatful, but he seemed like we were interuppting him. He wanted us to live quickly, which was odd, but it was his home.

Later in the day events unfolded for the worst. Sam Nightweed was talking to Rallick and Ashkor, who tried to kill us. He was really scared about something, come to find out it was what Appleby was doing. He was begging us to take care of Mr.Appleby before Havenkeep met it end like the town before this did. After that Sam ran off and Hayfare took us in for questioning for murders of Poetry the tiefling and Thesda.

After a few hours, Sam came back and got us out and begged us to save the town. So we made our way to find out what was going on and get to the bottom of this.

As soon as we got to his manor, something was not right, the air smelled of arcana and was heavier here than it was before. We burst through the front door and was greeted by undead right off the bat. We fought our way in, it was harder than we thought. Thank god for the cleric you found for us. We fought our way five floors to get to what we were told a ritual was going on. Along the way we lost our invoker comrade and a drow elf came along and helped us in our hard pressed battle. During all this time the house was falling apart around us from this strange magic.

We finally got to the top and there was Mr. Appleby. Rallick and Ashkor made their way toward him trying to fool him that we were on his side. After a magic blast was fired, Appleby told the two to kill drow. Instead Ashkor tossed the infant to Rallick, but he landed on the floor and laid motionless. Here the fight was on. I was thrown back into the wall after I got close to him. Before we could react Ashkor was pulled and pushed onto the alter by Appleby to take the infant’s place. We fought trying to get our comrade before the blade was stuck into him, but instead he was thrown through the glass and fell five stories. Where he died before we bought him back. After Appleby was killed the magic ended and the rain which has been raining since we got here also ended too.

I am sending with Ashkor’s report, so that it may help you understand.

Kriv Obslain

Letter to Ashkor

Dear Ashkor,

Please do not write the company reports any longer. You are not sufficiently trained. I will not go over this again. Your job is to smash things.


Darric Blackwater

P.S. Please ask Rallick to send me a second report as I understand Alandro was not present.


Calvin Appleby was found dead in his courtyard yesterday morning after apparently falling from his 5th story window. There was evidence of a struggle, but little else is known at this time. Detective Hayfare was unable to be reached for questioning.

The security guard who found him said, “I was just making my rounds, making sure all the gates were properly locked and secured, and there he was—all bent up on the ground like his bone were made of paper. I shook him a bit just to make sure, but I knew right away he was dead. [...] There was glass everywhere, so I glanced up. Sure enough, one of the big top story windows was broken wide open.”

The guard went on to say that the mansion was trashed on the inside, and when he made his way to the back of the building, the entire backside was missing. Authorities were called in to investigate and it was established that there were high levels of residual arcane magic in the air. Police have sectioned off the area for now while the energy is contained.


Quickwhistle Enterprises broke ground yesterday for their electric power plant in Ashbury. Fiz Quickwhistle made a brief appearance, tossing the first shovel full of dirt over his shoulder. Construction is set to begin later this week.


The latest census reports that Havenkeep has more murders per capita than any other city in Anselshire, with murders totaling 123 over the last 6 years, while Anselshire itself, being almost three times the size only had 33 and Ashbury finishing out with an astonishing 12 murders.


The Ashbury branch of Blackwater Adventure Co. successfully slays dragon living in the forests outside of town. The contract was signed last week by the city. Rumor has it that the payout was enormous.

Ashkor's letter to Blackwater

Dear Mr. Blackwater,

How are you today. I am fine. I have good time in your adventure company. You run a fine group here. I am making lots of friends. Particuarlley Rallick. He is nice. He is teaching me Kord. Do you know Kord? Thank you for new Axe. I plan on using it in Glorious Battle. It is heavy, but I am strong.

It is going well here in Havenkeep. Everything is great. We killed some vampires for Appleby. He is a…...nice guy.

I am ankshious to use my new weapon in Glorious Battle. Maybe I can cut the head off of a goblin. I hate goblins. They smell funny. I bet they smell like Ravenwing.

HaHaHaHaHaHaHa…..aren’t I funny?

We cleared out a vampire lair. It was dark. I was scared of the dark, but not now. I am brave very much. Are you scared of something scary? Oh…I met a man who was gay. I never met a gay person before. I really do no not the difference. Maybe Rallick will explain it to me. Or Alendro. He seems gay. I guess.

Thank you for taking time to read letter. It was my turn to write the report. Some in the group said I would do bad job doing letter. I think I did good.


Ashkor the Ash-Bringer

A time to think....

As a follower a Kord, I have worked toward the helping of the good, stopping the evil that faces me, but tonight I do not know what to think. Rallick, Ashkor, and I are were the Kord three of our band. I felt proud to take swords up with these new friends. Right now I do not know what to feel. Is this what the Great Kord wants from his followers. Death of a baby….. and I fear for this corrupt detective. HIs fate I dont know what lies for him. After the fall of the paladian, there come a change over him as did the brave Ashkor the Dragonborn. It seems that near death, changes ones heart and mind. They have come to the extreme thinking of what Kord wants. Does one in death really find out what Kord wills.

I hope that Kord does not look down on me as I watch and see what these two do. My faith in him is still strong. I am now having to decide if what I been doing is right or is it the way of the other two I should follow. In this I hope I will find my answer in prayer to the mighty Kord. Taking lives is hard to understand and it still pains me for what I did at the inn a few weeks back.

—from the journal of Kriv Obslain

Rallick's Journals

Barely back from Kord’s side and the vampires came in the night. Kord allowing me back into this world shortly before such a brazen display can only mean one thing:

Kord desires a purging of his enemies, and I am his instrument.


After meeting Calvin Appleby(noted: odd), we headed back to the inn. Sam walked out, groveling at my feet. Afraid. Sam Nightweed claimed Appleby would tonight start a ritual that would destroy the city by sacrificing his infant son. My faith in Kord’s direction leads me to believe Sam. The halfling detective, Detective Hayfare, walking out of the inn next, taking us in on corrupt and bankrupt charges, pointed me to another enemy of Kord.


After Sam aided our early release from jail, we made our way to Appleby’s estate. Kord’s fury brewed in the sky, the dark clouds in incensed climax over the house. A drow joined in our fight through the house early on, claiming he had been investigating Appleby independently.

The top floor housed Appleby and the altar where he laid his child. We surrounded Appleby, and I intended to grab and slay the child immediately, removing the main component of this ritual to save the city. However, Ashkor the Ash-Bringer, who I recently helped find Kord’s grace, grabbed the child and tossed it toward me, where it landed and fell still. Truly, Ashkor is also an implement of Kord.

Enraged, Appleby slammed Ashkor to the altar. Despite my fierce blows to Appleby, he sent Ashkor through the large windows to the dragonborn’s death. We continued our battle with Appleby, also sending him through the windows. Fitting.

The ritual stopped.

The next morning, I helped bring Ashkor’s body to a person capable of resurrection. Kord saw fit to return Ashkor to us as he returned me the previous night.

Kord’s anger still darkening the sky, we found the halfling detective alone at the inn. Kord drove us to purge him from this city. Ashkor held the halfling as I disemboweled him. The dragonborn then crushed his head into the ground with a righteous blow.

We felt Kord’s pleasure.


“Extreme” is what drove me from the warrior sect of Kord in Ashbury. The death of a supposedly innocent child. Purging the detective without allowing him the honor of battle. Those so-called pious warriors would continue to call me extreme, warn me of retribution, if they were here.

In Ashbury, the warriors are content being a scabbard of Kord, even stable boys. In Havenkeep, I am a righteous fury. I am the lightning. I am the storm.

I am Kord’s blade.

My Journey
To Death and Back

I died last night.

And much to my surprise, when I entered the afterlife, I met with not Moradin, but Kord. This experience , before and after, has really opened my eyes. In Snow Point, all we ever learned, all we ever accepted was the teachings of Moradin. And yet, as I journey outside the Plane of the Living, I held audience not with the god of the dwarfs, but rather the god of storms.

My perspective has changed. I have changed. Call it an accident. Call it providence. Call it a stupid idea to begin with. But when I took the life of that child, there was something that happened. For weeks, I have been questioning things. But finally, I got some answers. Is this why Moradin did not meet me, or was Kord rewarding me? Either way, in the favor or Kord or the disgrace or Moradin, I did the right thing. We did the right thing.

We took the life of one, which was going to die anyway… order to save the lives of thousands. And once we did, the rain stopped.

The rain stopped. Ralick told me all I needed to know about the god of storms. He told me about how Kord simply has a job to do, and as long as that job is done, it does not matter. For now I answer only to Kord and his followers, and to no one else.

Be that Derick Blackwater, the Applebys, the law, Orcus or Vecna himself…as long as I find favor in Kord, nothing can stop me.

Lord Kord….use me as an extension of your hand…..wield me like a weapon….and just as a bard makes music with his instrument….Lord Kord…..I pray you make victory with me as yours.

A letter from Ashbury
from the temporary desk of Darric Blackwater

Your report has finally reached me. As I told you, I have been staying in Ashbury to witness the marvel that is the “telegraph machine”. Would you believe the fool thing actually works? I watched a demonstration in which two men, randomly chosen from the audience were placed on opposite sides of a screen. Then man on the right hand side of the screen wrote on a piece of paper, “The Lizard has gizzards in the blizzard…”

To the best of my understanding, the message was then translated into some strange language and then translated back once the message had traveled from one side of the screen to the other. The language sounded like a system of clicks.

Anyway. I have spent too much time discussing this already. On to your performance. I am astonished to hear that Rallick fell in battle? Surely this could have been avoided somehow. We are lucky to have such powerful contacts as Calvin Appleby.

I will have to wait until I have returned to my desk to do the proper fact checking, but news of your exploits has reached as far as Ashbury. Most everything I have been hearing is good. Whoever you have assigned to PR has been doing a wonderful job.

Keep up the good work! I must be off. I have been granted a personal audience with Fiz Quickwhistle himself!


Darric Blackwater


The Witchlight Forest lies several miles to the West of Havenkeep and to the East of Ashbury. Despite several efforts, the kingdom has been unable to clear a direct road connecting the two cities, forcing travelers to go around for miles and miles.

Recently, the king has signed a contract with Hide-Iron Logging Co. to clear a road from Havenkeep all the way to Ashbury. Experts say that the deforestation could cause the natural wild life, now without its habitat, to flee into the country-side, plaguing farms and villages, and perhaps even the larger cities. Regardless, the project is set to begin next month.


The illegal prostitution problem has been a hot topic issue for several months now. The “Red Light District” has been spreading beyond the lower income commercial district recently.

Detective Hayfare reported a murder at “The Salty Crow” that he suspected had something to do with a prostitution ring in the under city. Hayfare could not release any names at this time but went on to say, “we have a few suspects, and we suspect we’ll have a few more after some questioning.”

In a related story, Elizabeth North and Susan Gibson, two former prostitutes were recently freed from their employer by the gentlemen working for Blackwater Adventure Co. Blackwater rescued the women and they are now working full time at “The Green Fairy.”







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