Blackwater Adventure Co.

Changes in HavenKeep

The potion shop “Mix it up!” has closed due to lack of business.

The pub “The Broken Dish” has been burned to the ground.

No new businesses have been established.

Goblins Die, Barbarian falls


Your report has finally reached my desk. Overall, I must say that I am pleased. The accommodations I have arranged are suitable, I’m sure.

Your report arrived with a letter of satisfaction from your first client Calvin Appleby. Between his version of events, and what was detailed in your report, I am able to piece together what actually took place.

Appleby hired you to retrieve a few family heirlooms, check for the missing errand boys he had sent before you, and kill all Goblins. Appleby was absolutely rabid about your success in retrieving the trinkets. I’m unable to verify the status of the crypt, but I assume it is largely Goblin free. Except, perhaps, this Gruu (?) character you detailed in your report. I find it strange that he would disappear at the first opportune moment, only to charge in throwing spears when you need him most.

I am also more than confused as to why no one thought to question him on this! Please be more thorough next time! And Ashkor! You you were hired for your brawn! Please do some additional strength training in your spare time. We do not need another “pit incident”. I will leave it at that.

I understand Appleby has requested further work from you. This is very good! Appleby is a wealthy and powerful man. Winning his favor will surely turn some heads! Keep up the good work!


Darric Blackwater

After the Blackwater co. landed in Havenkeep, we were hired by a crazed Appleby to find some relics of his. The group dispatched a group of would be bandits on their way to the family crypt/goblin home. We had to go back three different times to finish the task, because of injuries. We also had to hire another adventurer, bringing the company total up to six. After that our dwarf-raised Dragonborn… seemed to like the pit a lot, since he wouldnt stay out of it. We finished the crazed Appleby’s task. Thus begins our travels in Havenkeep.

—excerpt from the journal of Kriv Obslain

I was surprised to receive a summons from the Blackwater Co. after the incident
with the gnomes and the bear, but I was happy to oblige once I was offered a
leadership position within this new cell.  I had never been to Havenkeep, but it
seemed a nice enough place.  One thing is for certain, our most recent employer
is keeping secrets from us.

-excerpt from the journal of Azreil Sered

It has been almost two months since I left the safety of the mountains. Everything was different there. The air was sweeter, the sun brighter, and things just felt better. Here… the low lands…..things are much different. And not for the better. This better air is closer to the ground, and makes everything wrong. I cant think, I cant see, and I cant fight, well I cant fight as well as I would at the top of the world.

I joined an adventure group yesterday. They seem like decent people, although they do seem to follow other gods besides Moradin. Crazy men. There is only one god, and he is Moradin. And now it seems we are on the trails of yet another named god. This “Vecna” has quite a following. Seems almost silly. How can people be so blind, so stupid as to not realize there is only one god and he is Moradin.

Must be this low-land air.

from the journal of Ashkor the Ash-Bringer

Welcome to Havenkeep

The Blackwater Adventure Company seeks to expand its horizons!

And you are among those chosen to relocate! Please have your things, and be at our offices forthwith. A caravan will be waiting to take you to the bustling city of Havenkeep, where we will be entrusting you to establish a chapter of Blackwater.

  • Benefits: Great pay
  • Adventure
  • Food and lodging
  • Active night life
  • A chance to expand your personal horizons as well as those of the greatest adventuring company in the world.
  • minimum supervision (Do the job the way you think it should be done!) paid vacation
  • opportunities for promotion and a chance to be a founder of the Havenkeep branch of Blackwater

We look forward to what the future holds! We are certain, with you, it will be great!


Darric Blackwater


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