Fiz Quickwhistle


Fiz Quickwhistle is a gnome inventor who has taken it about himself to allow the everyday man, the common man, to have abilities and luxuries afforded only to those of the magic caste. Fiz grew up in a wealthy gnomish family, and was well on his way to enrolling in the White Lotus academy. However, while traveling, he saw a farmer in the field having trouble. His ox had tipped over its cart, and the farmer tried with all his might to move the cart upright.

With a simple flick of his wand, Fiz’s father levitated the cart back on its wheel, but to the young Fiz’s surprise, the owner looked ashamed, having not been able to take care of his own possesion on his own accord. Fiz thought that any man should have the ability and tools to make his way in life, and while magic is useful to those who are able to spend time studying it…the common man has not time for such things, having to support himself and his family.

Thus, Fiz took to inventing machines that would benefit the whole world. He soon discovered early in his studies that magic and technology must coexist, that one cannot work without the other and that the world cannot make do missing either.

Fiz Quickwhistle

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