The Greenbacks

five rookies from the Castle Guard


Blackwater was hired to train five rookies(nicknamed Greenbacks)from Havenkeep Castle Guard. Each party member took one rookie under their wing. Only one greenback survived the ordeal. What follows is the known information about each, and how they met their end.

Alias Stout was an easy going Tiefling. He fell under the command of Rallick, and was eventually killed when a boneclaw skeleton spewed necrotic filth into his eyes and mouth.

Tom Handly was a timid Halfling who fell under the command of Ashkor. Tom rose to the challenge on many occasions—even bravely entering the fray against a vampire and against five wights. His head was literally pulled from his shoulders.

Albert Johnston was a quiet man, eager to learn from the party. He didn’t last long. He was struck down by his own master, Kriv Obslain, when Kriv was charmed by a wraith.

Amarcis Cahan was an elf archer who fell into the command of River. Amarcis was mauled by several wights.

Though the Greenbacks fell in battle, they showed themselves to be more than useful. Blackwater may not have survived the catacombs beneath Havenkeep if they hadn’t of been with them.

The Greenbacks

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