Calvin Appleby

Wiley Old man (deceased)


Calvin Appleby moved to Havenkeep when he was a young man. His family quickly set up ties with all the important families in town, and are now considered to be among the movers and shakers. Appleby is eccentric, more so than his father was, and hired The Blackwater Adventure Co. to collect some heirlooms left is his family crypt near Stillwater.

The Blackwater Adventure Co. was successful in retrieving the items, but discovered a disturbing painting of Vecna in the family crypt. Compounded by this is the fact that the party noticed a tattoo on Appleby’s wrist that is common among Vecna followers.

When asked about this Appleby replied that there were things in his past that he was not proud of. A teenage rebellion that didn’t last nearly as long as the tattoo he rashly received.

Appleby currently seeks to hire Blackwater for additional work.

Blackwater discovered that they had been aiding Appleby in nefarious deeds all along. He had been using them to collect components needed to cast a spell that would open a portal between this world and another dimension, allowing various vile residents to move freely between both worlds.

Appleby was thrown from a window on the fifth floor of his mansion.

Calvin Appleby

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