Blackwater Adventure Co.

Letter from Lortic Island

Kriv Obslain of the Royal Kratyon clan,

Kriv it is time for you to return back to your home and rightful duty to protect your sister as she takes the mantle as elder. By birth right, as the second born you are bound by Kratyon Law to be her protector. She has returned back home from her travels of the mainlands as you have seen fit to do. You know by now we are not happy with your decision to do so, but law comes first, thus is why you must return now as you are honored bound to her. Or have you forgot the oath you took to serve her?

Now on to less meaningful words. The human village of Surro has been under attack lately from the three bands of goblin tribes here on the isle. We have been keeping a eye them as things progress. They have been holding their own for not being followers of Kord. We have thought by now that the small poor town would have been erased from our island finally. If rumors are true, they have gotten help from people that have shipped wreck on the their shores. This would explain why they have been able to hold the hordes back for so many weeks now.

Trade with the the Golith clan is going good, but we have stopped trade with the human village since they don’t have anything of worth anymore.


The elders 6



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