Blackwater Adventure Co.

Dear Ashkor

Greetings from Snow Point

My fellow warrior! How I hope this letter finds you full of ale and battle! How are things on your journey? I pray by the hammer that all things are well. I have thought of you often since that day you recieved that message to join the Blackwater Adventure Company. The Ice Festival was last month, and as I dined on roasted boar ribs, I thought of how much you enjoyed them and wished you were there.

Now…I want to hear all about your Glorious Battles. We have had a couple here, as the Goblins have been very restless and on the move. They still lay claim to the mountains of the Dwarf Throng, but we still stand resolved as the first line of defense to our hold. Our clan has lost no one in the last seven battles with those damn greenskins, although Thaurer took a nasty spear to the shoulder and he now has a little trouble lifting a shield. THis has given him more time to do some of those weird creations in his room, and by the hammer, he has.

For some reason, the Engineer’s guild is having Thaurer test out his new invention and turn it into a new type of weapon. From what I can gather, it is a crossbow, without a string, that shoots small, fast bullets. These…what did they call them….”guns” use a new black powder that I have hard the High King speak of only twice in the last 50 years. None of the others in the village, save Thaurer and myself, have any clue about this new contraption, but they have been suspecting something. There have been caravans of men, gnomes, and elves come through Snow Point on their way to the Throng. The High King says that this black powder and guns can change the way we wage war.

How un-glorious though, to destroy your enemy from that far off. But forget it Ashkor, these are the ramblings of an old dwarf set in his ways. Hopefully, I have taught you these things well. Ashkor, always seek Glorious Battle, never forget a debt, and never break an oath. I wait eagerly for the day your oath is fulfilled and you can return home and take you place at the head of the Dwarf Army and lead us all into many Glorious Battles.

Now, I have sent you a little treat. I know it may be a lot, but forget it, I want to give it to you. I have enclosed TEN gold pieces. And they are all yours. Go a little mad, and have some fun. You cannot be serious all the time. Enjoy yourself, but do not go to mad, it is a lot of money after all. Be careful with it and guard it…

I forget….not many would try and steal from a Half-Dragon eh. Sometimes I forget you are not one of us. But despite the fact, you are still Moradin’s child, and I still consider you my son. Return home soon, son. I miss you. Although I understand why you are gone. Oath before clan, clan before all.

Until the Mountains crumble,

High Chief Rubymace



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