Blackwater Adventure Co.

Ayden's event log and journal


Sam leaves ruins of Appleby estate. Appears to be carrying several items. Too many bystanders. Stayed to the shadows. For a moment Sam looked directly at me. I don’t care if he sees me. Let him fester in sin for now.


Drow from Ravenwing at Appleby estate. Of no concern to me yet.


Stopped by The Green Fairy to pay a visit to Blackwater. Some involvement with Sam. Unsure to what level. Found the fat detective eviscerated on the floor. Looks like the bastard stepped on the wrong toes this time. Had it coming. Dumb sow. Someone else can clean this up. Don’t bother contacting authorities


Unable to locate current Blackwater HQ. Return to Temple. Report. Meditate.


Ravenwing arriving today. Nightweed throwing a parade. If you know the right people, you don’t have to be good. Ravenwing is of no importance to me.


Party being held after parade: invite only. Source tells me that an invite was sent to Blackwater. May the Raven Queen guide my thoughts and actions—lest false judgment be dealt. Rumor on the street is Blackwater had a hand in the Appleby slaying. Puppet of Vecna killed one of our assassins three weeks ago. He was green, but the Raven Queen welcomed him with open arms.


Strange lich at party. Keeping close watch. Blackwater is here. Beginning investigation. Will follow party to locate HQ. Infiltrate if necessary.



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