Blackwater Adventure Co.



As Anselshire signs a contract with Wesson & Hammerthrong making them the sole contractor for military weaponry, several groups across the city march the castle in protest. It’s no secret that the group referring to themselves as the collective has a strong hold in the city, but not strong enough, apparently. The protest was evidently disrupted when the Castle Guards fired their guns into the crowd, killing three.

A representative for The Collective addressed the incident at a public debate yesterday, his words were answered with applause.

“This is exactly why we gathered in protest that day. This was what we were trying to prevent. Idiots wielding things they cannot possibly understand (...)and innocent people suffer for it. This is what The Collective is rising against. They have proven our point for us.”

Michael Summers, head of production and labor at Wesson & Hammerthrong, quickly responded in an attempt to sway the crowd in his favor.

“The situation would have been just as bad if they had fired arrows into the crowd. Blaming technology for poorly trained soldiers and even poorer decision making skills is absolutely absurd.”

The issue seems to be moving forward regardless of the obvious problems most of the populace have against it. Summers remarked that it was ”...nonsense. These same people who fear the machinery and weaponry our company invents and manufactures will be the ones who sings its praises when one of our cannons brings down the dragon swooping over their villages. They will be the same ones who thank their god for protecting them from an invading army, when our guns lay waste to their defenses…”

The Collective responded with one ominous message: War is coming. And we shall see.



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