Blackwater Adventure Co.



Detective Hayfare was found murdered in The Green Fairy early this morning. Officials are releasing no information at this time but Chief Swann released a statement this afternoon.

“Of course we were all shocked when we heard the news. The Green Fairy has been temporarily closed. Hayfare was a great man. Good at his job, and being such-had many enemies. We have a few leads, but are not releasing any information at this time. My heart felt sympathies go out the Hayfare children, having lost their mother only a year ago…and now their father…”

Chief Swann spoke between tears.

Updates as events warrant.


The streets were full of music and celebration as Ravenwing Adventure Group officially arrived in town yesterday. Adventuring companies such as Ravenwing come and go, but Ravenwing has stood the test of time, and their only real competition is the Blackwater Adventure Co.


Flick Benrumple unveiled his latest invention late last week in Anselshire in a private demonstration for the King and select members of the press. He calls his invention the Steam Engine. Imagine, dear reader, a massive steel machine, a dragon of metal and wheels, confined to a small wooden track. What could this monstrosity possibly be for?

The demonstration began with a few words from Flick himself. “My steam engine represents a faster way for the common man to travel, without having to muck about with library books, reagents, or excessive amounts of arcane energy. The short: a way to travel quickly, for those unable to use magic, or afford to use the magic of someone else. My steam engine is capable of traveling approx 126mph, seat 1052 individual people, and operate with only 5 staff members. Not to mention the ability to haul massive amounts of supplies from one location to the other.”

When the train began to move, white smoke erupted from a spout near the front. The wheel began to churn and the beast began to work its way around the track. Flick explained that the ‘steam engine’ took a while to build up speed, but assured us that it would eventually move an astonishing 126mph.

Another local scientist posed the following question, “If you travel faster than 100 miles per hour, without the use of magic, wouldn’t the sheer force and speed pull the flesh from your bones?”

Flick responded by hopping to the top of the train and riding it to top speed.


The road from Havenkeep to Ashbury has officially begun. Loggers are working day and night. The latest report is that they are having a small problem with a roving band of orcs, but there have been no casualties.

Lumber is being sold to the highest bidder.



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