Blackwater Adventure Co.

A letter to Kriv

Kriv Obslain,

Thank you for your letter. If I am understanding you correctly, the majority of your letter is about a task you took on without a contract. Pro bono, as they say. Considering the task was to save the very city I sent you to establish our company in, I cannot object. You saved the city! Make sure the bard spreads songs and stories about your heroic exploits—expanding on the good parts (and leaving out the bad)!

You mentioned a drow showing up at Appleby’s manor? Do you recall his name? I did not send a drow to aid you. This is troublesome. Alls well that ends well, I suppose.

I am particularly pleased that Ashkor was able to save the infant from becoming a sacrifice! I’m sure a few bumps and bruises from hitting the floor is far better than being run through with a ritual dagger! Ah, tell Alendro to make mention of this in his song.


I don’t know. I’m no poet. Thanks again for the letter.


Darric Blackwater



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