The Blackwater Adventure Company seeks to expand its horizons!

And you are among those chosen to relocate! Please have your things, and be at our offices forthwith. A caravan will be waiting to take you to the bustling city of Havenkeep, where we will be entrusting you to establish a chapter of Blackwater.

  • Benefits: Great pay
  • Adventure
  • Food and lodging
  • Active night life
  • A chance to expand your personal horizons as well as those of the greatest adventuring company in the world.
  • minimum supervision (Do the job the way you think it should be done!) paid vacation
  • opportunities for promotion and a chance to be a founder of the Havenkeep branch of Blackwater

We look forward to what the future holds! We are certain, with you, it will be great!

Regards, Darric Blackwater

Blackwater Adventure Co.

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